The largest seller in Europe for DEKO, DIGI & UBERT equipment

About Retail Equipment Europe

Welcome to Retail Equipment Europe. A start-up company in the retail industry since December 2020. Our business is buying and selling equipment aimed at the food service market in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

We distinguish ourselves by the large amount of offerings in articles, this offer has grown in a short time so that we can say that we are the largest retailers in all of Europe.

Moreover, all items we sell are in perfect working condition because they have been used for a short period of time. In addition, the devices are well maintained by certified service companies.

The items are tagged with the latest technology of NFC tags which means that maintenance, stock and deliveries are well tracked. As a result, all devices are of good quality and periodically maintained. This technology forms into a new self-designed asset management system that can monitor all the information of the equipment such as; model, serial number, origin and maintenance dates. By using this technology Retail Equipment Europe is far ahead of developments within warehouse and inventory management, delivering the best service to the customer.

The entrepreneur

Caspar Hermeler, originally a restaurant owner, did not throw in the towel after the closure of his restaurant during the Corona crisis but continued to look for solutions to get through the time. In time, an opportunity came up to buy up a large stock of kitchen equipment and Hermeler grabbed it with both hands. From this opportunity, the start-up company Retail Equipment Europe was born.

The decades of experience in the catering industry and the entrepreneurial blood created the perfect combination for the course of the organization. At Retail Equipment Europe, good service and quality are the core values, which is of course normal for a hospitality entrepreneur.

Furthermore, Retail Equipment Europe only delivers top quality for this reason and wants to become a stable partner in addition to a retailer in order to build a long term and honest relationship. Becoming a stable partner is also Hermeler’s philosophy for the future of the company.

Besides the fact that Retail Equipment Europe’s main focus is on buying and selling kitchen equipment, the organization also functions to optimize and further develop the asset management system.

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