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Electrolux Blastchiller

  • Soft chilling (-2°C)
  • Hard chilling (-12°C)
  • Tubro cooling
  • Two large displays


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Electrolux Crosswise Blastchiller, 10 kg,

Type RBC051Electrolux
The blastchiller-freezer reduces the temperature of food from +90ºC to +3°C at the core of the food in less than 90 minutes, additionally further to -18ºC in less than 4 hours.

The detailed blastchiller-freezer completes this cycle up to a maximum load of 7kg. At the end of the back cool-freeze process, the preservation program automatically starts to keep the food at +3°C (after cooling) or -18°C (after freezing). Back cooled food can be kept refrigerated for about 5 days without loss of taste, nutritional values and weight. This creates the possibility of preparing food in one go that can be used at different times throughout the week, allowing a better distribution of work, with marked savings in labor costs.

The range of models of Electrolux blastchillers and blastchiller-freezers includes models with built-in aggregate, suitable for placement under a table top.


  • Soft chilling (-2°C)
  • Hard chilling (-12°C)
  • Tubro cooling
  • Two large displays


Cooling power: 791 W
Climate class: 5
Gross volume: 72 L

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